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with non-us persons, as well as u.s. persons, in addition to the ways we are constraining the potential use committedta -- we are to a u.s.-german cyber dialogue to close further the gaps that may exist in terms of how we operate, how german intelligence operates. to make sure there is transparency and clarity about what we are doing and what our goals and intentions are. these are goals that are complicated. we are not perfectly aligned yet . values and weame
countries in terms of rigorous standards. with respect to u.s. law, under , which therder 12333 nsa and cia uses to conduct surveillance abroad, there is a lot that analysts and agents can do. this could very well, under executive order, be illegal for the nsa to be doing. the more important question about what this means for u.s. cooperation with foreign law enforcement agencies and the dea's operations abroad, this essential. intercept, lawful the very thing that allows the nsa access to these networks, is premised on the idea that you have a specific person that you are targeting who is under
the nsa would not spy on u.s. citizens, binney and the other analysts had built in privacy protections. >> it anonymizes who it's listening in on, unless there's a court warrant that makes the identity of that person clear. >> if you knew that it was u.s. person-related, it would be automatically encrypted. that was part of the design of thinthread. >> it had a data privacy section. that was working very well, protecting citizens and innocent people by encrypting the data and not allowing analysts to look at it even. >> narrator: drake was ecstatic. the experimental program could monitor massive amounts of data, but the encryption would protect the privacy of individual americans. he took it upstairs to the top deck. >> in those short days and weeks after 9/11, i put together a two-page classified implementation plan to put
in the moscow airport. when people ask why are you in russia, i say please ask the state department. >> the u.s. state department says snowden's passport was
days, allowing u.s.
the u.s. has said the caribbean nation poses little to no threat to americans. the story is based on documents linked by eric snowden who describes a classified program put in place by the nsa without the knowledge or consent of the bahamian government. instead, the report shows the website obtained access to the restaurant enforcement administration, and one document
a plot to shift nearly 90 pounds of marijuana into the u.s. this is not about taking down the powerbrokers in the drug trade. what the nsa has been able to do here in the bahamas is collect everything that is there, be
for investments to compensate with what they're losing with sanctions in the u.s. and eu. are you willing to pressure and urge your chinese counterparts not to go along? >> we talk about a wide range of topics when we meet. i will bring topics central to the u.s. agenda and they will raise topics of concern with them. we have been making the case consistently wherever we go that it is unacceptable for russia to violate ukraine's sovereignty. when we take action and other countries in the world take action, it's important for them not to be backfilled. >> and we would not be happy. >> it's an argument i make wherever i go. >> you will make it in beijing. >> we will talk about a whole range of topics. >> let's talk about putin and ukraine. why not impose tougher sectorial sanctions? would they apply to a wide swath of financial and energy industries or be more targeted specifically? >> the steps we have taken with regard to russia have been very carefully determined and quite effective. we have been targeting people in the russian government, senior executives and ceos at some of
that the u.s. tends to get more and better intelligence out of computers nowadays than they do out of people. i was trained as a spy in sort of the traditional sense of the word. i lived and worked undercover, overseas pretending to work in a job that i'm not and even being assigned a name that was not mine. now the government might deny these things, frame it in certain ways and say, oh, he's a low level analyst but what they are trying to do is they are trying to use one position that i have had in a career here or there to distract from the
would be a lot healthier. >> you do? >> i do. >> also ahead secrets and spies. criminal charges as the u.s. goes after china for stealing all american ideas . >> for the first time we are exposing the faces and names
-sponsor of the u.s.a. freedom act because i was disturbed by the revelations about surveillance programs. the bill is a good step toward balancing security and privacy. but this amendment does not. it leaves opened the possibility that bulk surveillance could still continue. and it no longer protects the public through the fisa court. i'm disappointed that this popular, bipartisan bill has been so drastically weakened and i can no longer support it. i yield back. thank you. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from michigan
smith. here are the stories we're following for you. the u.s. makes a deal for sergeant bow bergdahl's release. there has been an i am bar go between the united states and cuba for years, but more and more the united states is working with the cuban market. >> this kid with mental health issues has three firearms and 400 runs is unreasonable. >> earlier i spoke with richard martinez, whose son died in the santa barbara shootings last week. >> we have breaking. the american soldiers held captive in afghanistan for the past five years has been freed. sergeant bo bergdahl is coming back to the united states. we're live in the united states. randall, remind us about sergeant boberg doll's case. >> well, he was captured when he was a private back in june o of 2009. a month later the taliban released a video and it was confirmed that it was mr. bergdahl. he was held captive. we're not sure if it was afghanistan, pakistan, but between the two countries, but the taliban have held him. they have released several videos, it turns out not only in 2009, but they used them as a propaganda tool th
that requires u.s. shareholders of foreign corporation called controlled foreign corporations basically a foreign corporation with the u.s. shareholder owning 10% of the stock to pick up the income, certain types of interest dissidents, royalties and rents. whether or not those amounts are paid to the u.s. shareholder. another were to have u.s. corporation that holds 10% or more before an company. that foreign company is interested victims, around and come, rent income and maybe even insurance income. you as shareholder are required to pick that share of those foreign earnings up and its it's u.s. taxable income even though it doesn't receive any cash from a foreign subsidiary. the look through provision fault a u.s. company that has got to foreign subsidiaries. let's say one has a lot of cash and one needs cash. if the company that needs -- the foreign company that needs cash borrows from the company that has the cash it will pay the foreign subsidiary that has cash interest. that interest would be attached to u.s. parents whether or not that interested remitted to the u.s. parent. wha
people inside the u.s. government have said on that question so that you don't have to take either our word for it or theirs. the federal court i referenced earlier that ruled that the nsa was violating the rights of americans said about the claim that it was for terrorism, quote, "the government does not cite a single case in which analysis of the nsa's bulk metadata collection actually stopped a terrorist attack." a presidential review panel appointed by president obama of his closest aides, on december 18th issued a report saying, "our review suggests that the information contributed to terrorist investigations by the use of metadata was not essential to preventing attacks and could readily have been obtained in a timely manner
that there are these great whistleblowing procedures that he should've gone through, the way the u.s. government is structured is to hide, not to eliminate secret wrongdoing by people in power. the best proof of that is that there are two democratic senators who sit on the senate
security agency, consistent with u.s. law and the constitution, to intercept the international communications of people with known links to al qaeda and related terrorist organizations. >> narrator: it was the least controversial and smallest element of the program. there was no reference to the massive gathering of domestic communications data. >> his characterization of the facts was simply wrong. and it was wrong from the beginning. the program wasn't to surveil known suspects, known conspirators. you could easily get a warrant for that. the program was to sift big data. it was to trawl through enormous volumes, literally trillions of telephone calls, trillions of emails, and to look for unknown conspirators. >> narrator: once again, it would be left to general hayden to brief the press. he too minimized the scale of "the program."
.s.a. indiscriminantly vacuuming up more data than it can store will end with the u.s.a. freedom act. after the freedom act passes, we will have a law that expresses congress' unambiguous intent to end bulk collection of americans' data across all surveillance authorities. the bill requires that in addition to existing restrictions, the government must use a specific selection term as the basis for collecting foreign intelligence information. and maybe more importantly, after this bill becomes law, we will have critical transparency provisions to ensure that if the government again violates our trust, congress and the public will know about it and will be able to do something about it. the freedom act gives private companies greater discretion that disclose their cooperation with the government.
america you wanted to join up, and you did. >> in 2004, i joined the u.s. army under the 18 x-ray special forces recruit program. i have to give high respect to everyone many the military and the graduates of those programs. they are better men than i. i was injured very early on in the program and i washed out. you know, i readily admit it, i don't hide that. >> snowden reportedly left the military after breaking both of his legs in training. >> the fact is that i tried. you know, i saw what was going on in the world. i believed the government's arguments that we were going to do good things in iraq, that we were going to free the oppressed. and i wanted to do my part to help share the national burden and create not just a better america but a better world.
kong and flew to moscow on his way to ecuador and got trapped in moscow by the u.s. government who revoked his passport the very same people who'd accused him of being a chinese spy instantly transformed their smear smear campaign into oh he's obviously
. in the u.s., some limited search deletions are already required, especially regarding crimes by minors. but it's up to the site that published the information, not the search engine, to remove the link.
want to know what they thought would do concrete harm, and how, and why. and the u.s. government asked me not to publish the names of the nine companies that were supplying information to the government in the prism program. and i said, "why?" their argument was that if we publish the names, then the companies would be less inclined to cooperate. and i guess we agreed to disagree on that one. >> the washington post is reporting that the... >> narrator: the post went ahead. >> narrator: the prism revelations reached beyond the collection of phone records. this was about the acquisition of content from tens of
of terabytes going by. >> narrator: but to make sure the nsa would not spy on u.s.
of major u.s. intelligence operations: it's written by the vice president's lawyer and stored in his own safe. >> narrator: addington worked out of a small office next to the white house in the old executive office building. >> this order is one of the most closely kept secrets of the bush/cheney administration for four years. it's kept so secret that many people involved in national security inside the white house and the government don't know about it. >> narrator: addington personally hand-carried a copy of the secret document out to fort meade.
> >> >>> the international dispute over the south china sea, the u.s. defense secretary takes aim at china. >> the united states will not look the other way when fundamental principles of the international order are challenged. >>> hello, i'm here in doha with the world news from al jazeera. >>> also ahead - celebrations in malawi after a winner is announced after the bitterly disputed elections. his opponent says they'll fight on. >> we are not taking that laying down. >>> plus... ..the first suicide attack by a u.s. citizen in syria. he took his orders from a group linked to al qaeda. >>> and how police are getting a bird's eye view of criminals in mexico, where crime rates are soaring. >>> u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel accused beijing of unstabilizing the area in the china sea. chuck hagel warned that the u.s. would not ignore action that could threaten long-term process. >> china called the south china sea a sea of peace, friendship and cooperation. that's what it should be. in recent months china has undertaken destabilizing actions asserting claims over the south china
, china and the u.s. began nation to nation relations and mutual trade treaty. about a year ago, i had once invited to gentlemen with the names of mr. dan lytton and peter underwood. they were the descendents of those who founded the university medical center. these american missionaries came in the late 19 century and founded hospitals and schools. they did many work for the people. in 1945, after the u.s. rose the tories from the pacific war, korea was liberated from japan's colonial rule. however, the disarmament of japanese troops north of 38th parallel was hindered by soviet union. as the soviet union forces occupy the north, the peninsula became divided and suffered structural problems. after our liberation, the united states, who is in charge of militarization for south korea, withdrew their forces before june 29, 1949, as the republic of korea government was established in 1948. they left only 479 members at the korean military advisory group. also, january 1, 1950, the secretary of state, mr. dean acheson, excluded korea from your specific development line. because of these, -
lizard may have his name on the posters. but the u.s. military gets a whole lot of screen tim in "godzilla." how cozy is hollywood with the military? >>> good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." we'll start with the world lead. china has long been suspected of hacking targets here in the u.s. the american government has never held anyone accountable for it until today. the justice department calling this 21st century burglary. economic espionage charges against a shadowy unit of businesses. u.s. steel, westinghouse, alcoa, some of the biggest companies in the u.s. in announcing the charge, the attorney general seemed to be pointing the finger at the five suspects and the government and military of china as well. >> we must say enough is enough. this administration will not tolerate actions by any nation that seek to sabotage american companies. >> attorney general holder says he expects the chi naez to cooperate in bringing these five to justice. that's what he said. if he wasn't being naive, perhaps he was being facetious. the chinese government doesn't appear to be ready to co
. >>> and charged with cyber spying. for the first time ever, the u.s. has accused chinese military members of conducting economic cyber crimes against american companies. which firms were hack and why were they targeted? we have all that and more on this monday business report on monday, may 19th. >> good evening, everyone, thanks for joining us. modest gains in stocks today, but that's not what people on wall street were buzzing about. much of the talk was about two members in the dow jones industrials average, both global economies and both involved in massive multibillion dollars that could transform their business model and industry but only one of those companies appears to have a deal. the other, no deem. that itself where we start tonight after month of negotiations and multiple sweetened offers. pfizer received a no from britain's arizona tra zenica, still it wasn't enough. so no deal with some pretty big questions remain about what's next for pfizer and as tra zenica. >> take it or are leave it and astrazenica left it rejected pfizer's sweetened and it says final offer. because th
>> welcome to the journal coming to you live from berlin. >> it's good to have you withou. >> the u.s. has issued criminal warrants against five chinese officers in a first of a kind case. >> houses collapsing due to landslides, cities inundated and a new surge of floodwater expected in the balkans. >> and europe wants to develop its own drone. >> the united states is charged five members of the chinese military unit for allegedly hacking trade secrets from american companies. the move has infuriated beijing. >> the first-ever prosecution of state actors over cyber espionage. washington would use all means available to arrest him. >> the u.s. has long accused china of cyber spying but it has never made those accusations official in a court of law until now. enough is enough. >> his administration will not tolerate actions by any nation that seeks to illegally sabotaged american companies and undermine the integrity of fair competition in the operation of the free market. this case should serve as a wake-up call to the seriousness of the ongoing cyber threat. >> the indictments are aga
that killed thousands, displacing millions >>> a look at special forces in the u.s. military. >>> how would you describe earth to extraterritorialestrials - a new attempt to send a message. >>> i'm antonio mora, welcome to "consider this". here is more on what is ahead. novel. >> the u.s. government indicted five officers with the chinese military for economic espionage. >> we are exposing the faces and names behind the keyboard. >> china says it's a fiction. >> this is a wake-up call. >> vladimir putin ordered troops near the ukranian border to return to base. >> we have been clear with the call for the russian military to de-escalate. withdrawal. >> the dictator doesn't want to step down. >> sometimes the west has the assumption that dictatorship brings instability - it doesn't. >> when we look for marines, the thing that we are looking for is someone that is hungry. a certain individual is attracted to this job. >>> for the first time ever the justice department monday filed cyber espionage charges against a foreign government, china, accusing it of hacking into u.s. corporate computers.
of the earth and sent out ships piled high with finished consumer goods. in big tower turns, the u.s. still had an open field to run in during the 1990s. nato expanded east into the old warsaw packet. parts of the empire joined the union. china became washington's banker buying a prod i knigious amount american debt but was not in a world power like the world meant it in the days of the cold war. now, it's the u.s. having trouble working its will in the world, china making new friends and buying new friends in africa and latin america and russia undergirding its economic by selling natural resources for top dollar. >> it took 10 years to cut a deal, but china and russia, two world powers and formerly bitter rivals came together when their energy and political interests merged. they both got what they wanted and needed including the visual message that the u.s. is not alone in dominating the world stage. vladimir putin called it epic. >> this will be the biggest construction in the world without any exaggeration, it is gas production and chemistry, a helio factory. >> the 30-year agreement betwe
american businesses. >> china's vehement reaction to american accusations it has been hacking u.s. companies. >>> the army is in the streets. the marshal law declaration that caught thailand by surprise. >> we're live in pretoria where oscar pistorius is set to find out the timing. >> and what the 9/11 memorial museum has done to anger some new yorkers. >> basically making money off my son's dead body. i think that's disgusting. >> hello. for the first time ever a group of chinese military officers is facing 31 criminal charges in the u.s. and china is outraged by these allegations. >> the u.s. justice department says the men hacked into the computers of major american companies and stole trade secrets. we are going live to beijing. >> first, how u.s. officials say they found the hackers and why they'll never face prosecution. >> wanted by the fbi. five chinese military officials who have allegedly spent years stealing trade secrets from some of the biggest company in the u.s. like westinghouse and alcoa. draining the u.s. economy out of millions of dollars. >> for the first time
the senate? we are breaking down all the major races. >>> happening now, crisis in libya. the u.s. military ready to evacuate americans from the country's capital as deadly fights in the street rage on. we are bringing you the very latest this morning. >>> and breaking news overnight. finally, raw satellite data used to shape the search for missing malaysia airlines flight 370 is set to be released. investigators promising families they will finally get the answers that they've been waiting for. we're live in malaysia with the latest. good morning, everyone. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it's tuesday, may 20th. it is 4:00 a.m. in the east. >>> up first, primary day. >> whoo-hoo! >> voters heading to the polls in six states to decide several key races that could shape the direction of the nation and the november midterm elections. the stakes are pretty high in kentucky, where senate minority leader mitch mcconnell is expected to defeat challenger matt bevin for the gop nomination after a nasty campaign. a big win for mcconnell could deliver a blow to the
overnight, china denition allegations of spying on american companies and promising retaliation if the u.s. pushes charges against five chinese hackers. we're live in beijing with the latest. >>> happening now, crisis in libya. the u.s. military ready to evacuate americans from the country's capital as deadly fights in the street rage on. we're bringing you the very latest this morning. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it's tuesday, may 20th. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. >>> this morning we're watching a critical primary day with voters deciding key races from coast to coast. >> election day! polls opening just hours from now in six states. and at stake is, you know, who will be your candidates for major congressional and senate seats and also for governors office, and just maybe, maybe some early indications about who might end up controlling the senate after the key midterm elections in november. cnn's political editor paul steinhauser has been up all night analyzing all the pre-election data to give us a sense of the races to
inside abu ghraib, we speak with al jazeera journalist salah hassan who was held by u.s. forces inside the iraqi prison. to date, no high-ranking official has been held accountable for the torture at abu ghraib. salah hassan and other prisoners are attempting to see one of the private companies, caci, which helps run the prison will stop then, condoleezza rice is back in the news. >> there'll always be some uncertainty about how quickly he can acquire nuclear weapons, but we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud. >> this was president bush's former national security advisor condoleezza rice in 2002. this weekend, rice backed out of delivering the commencement address at rutgers university in new jersey following protests over her role in supporting the iraq war and u.s. torture practices. we will speak with student protest leader carmelo cintron. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the obama administration has launched a review of execution procedures following last weeks botched killing of a d
discussion on the power players. ♪ >> to our viewers in the u.s. and those of us joining from around the world, welcome. we have full coverage of these stocks and stories making headlines today. alix steel with the economic power of flowers day as mother's day approaches. the numbers and the latest crop report out of washington. phil mattingly is at the white house as president obama goes to california to push for energy efficiency. phil, good afternoon. >> good afternoon. president obama capped off what has been a week of pushing against climate change at an event at a walmart in california. today, asint he made well as unveiling executive actions to combat climate change, was close ties to business. you listen. more and more companies like walmart are realizing the wasting less energy is not just good for the planet, it's good for business. it's good for the bottom line. announcedsident today a bonds with as many as 300 businesses and public entities to try and combat climate change as well as initiatives that included 2 billion dollars and retrofitting for federal buildings, in a
>>> credit suisse ceo brady dugan stands firm as the swiss bank settles a huge u.s. tax firm. they pleaded guilty to criminal charges and are paying a $2.5 billion fine. >>> vodafone stock under pressure. the firm warns investors earnings will drop as it spends more cash on its networks. >>> an angrier reaction from the chinese government to the spying probe. they say the u.s. should cancel the charges. >>> thailand's army declares marshall law but stops short of a full-blown coup in a six-month crisis that has paralyzed the government. >>> you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >>> resignation has never been a consideration. that's the statements from a defiant brady dugan after credit suisse has been fined $2.5 billion after pleading guilty to help u.s. citizens evade taxes. it's the biggest bank to admit to a criminal charge in more than two decades. eric holder says the activity has been pervasive. >> it helped account holders by concealing assets. these secret offshore accounts were held in the names of entities and founda
's defenders say he ran getting the u.s. out of iraq and information. did one and is well on his way to the second. he promised he would be far more selective about the use of american military power in the world, and there are no american casualties from syria, libya or the black sea. there have been no military airstrikes on iran's suspected nuclear program, and iran has come to the negotiating table. his speech to graduates at the military academy of west point rests on two main pillars, the united states remains the indispensable nation, and there is not a military solution to every problem. >> the question we face, the question each of you will face is not whether america will lead but how we will lead. not only to secure our peace and prosperity, but across the globe. >> reporter: president obama told thousand was a cadets dressed in uniform that america must always lead and military is backbone of that leadership. >> u.s. military action cannot be the only or even primary component of our leadership in every instance. just because we have the best hammer does not mean that eve
[applause] >> u.s. national security state officials are very adept and skillful at presenting a public image that is wildly different than the reality. the whole nsa scandal ban when james clapper went before the senate and was asked whether or not the nsa is mass collecting data about millions of americans, and he looked senators in the eye and said, no, sir. and then the very next -- the very first story we reported from snowden archives two months later prove the nsa was doing exactly that, which, the top national security official in the united states government, falsely denied to the nat and the public. so when you hear things like mr. snowden. -- not telling the truth when he says sitting at his desk he could have wire tapped anyone. i guarantee you that's exactly what the nsa analysts have the capability, and the evidence -- don't rely on my word or his. a program which we reported on
business are among the top challenges facing small business owners in the u-s, according to a new gallup survey. but it's kind of according to anybody whoever owned a small gins. jodi bowlin, the owner of a struggling gift shop in knoxville, tennesee is hoping she'll be able to attract new customers by moving her store to a new location. we'll be tracking her progress throughout the year as part of our continung series "america's middle class: rebuilding the dream". >> sometimes i question, why is this happening to me? >> do you need a card? customer: uh huh- jodi: ok over here. >> jodi bowlin is a struggling gift shop owner and the single mother of 16-year old son julian. >> she's like my role model in perseverance. >> the 46-year old knoxville tennessee native has experienced a lifetime of ups an downs. when she was 15 jodi went to tokyo to work as a model and actress.
satisfied? do you know why a u.s. ambassador was in a place where there had been so many warnings, seemingly sort of underguarded? i mean, do you think you understand why the administration said what it said after benghazi? are all the questions answered to you? >> candy, i think what's important to note here that keeps getting either put aside or lacks focus is that there are families who have been through a really terrible tragedy, and the republicans in the house of representatives, after 13 hearings, 50 briefings, 25,000 pages of documents that have been released, and a commission that was put together by secretary clinton that has fully examined what happened and recommended -- put forward 29 recommendations, all of which are being implemented, those things have all occurred. this has been looked at so exhaustively that buck mckeon, the chairman of the armed
and feature your school on the show. >>> 6:20 right now. the u.s. government has thousands of northern california owls in its crosshairs. coming up at 6:30, the reason behind the mission to kill thousands of birds. >>> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, which team has the best record in all of baseball? and giants pitchers dropping like flies last night. we'll show you who went down coming up. lovers: send us your questis about their health and well-being just email "petst kp com", or on our web and >> we want to invite pet lovers to send us your questions about their health and their well-
the justice department's decision to indict five chinese officials for hacking u.s. companies. this is about one hour and 15 minutes. >> we are going to get started. welcome to brookings. >> there is nothing going on in the area of cyberspace, so it will be a short and uninteresting session. i am joking. is an amazing time to have in their -- have him here. as you probably all know, this is a big week in this area. specifically, indictments of foreign interests against -- the house just passed the usa freedom act. and i saytly amending -- nsa surveillance authority. with's a lot going on respect to our own activities and spine and collection, a and our response to other countrie'' actions against us. are.ifferent they principal differences between what we acknowledge we do and what we authorize under our law? and what we object to when it is done to us? these are some of the issues that i think we are talking about this week. i hope we will talk about today. i can't think of a better person to have before us. john karl at -- john carlin has been acting assistant -- attorney general. he has s
there are indications those remaining troops are also going to move away and that the u.s. government believes russia may have decided to work with the new ukrainian government. good news there. that would be a blow to the separatists who are hoping for russian support. >>> the militants admit they suffered heavy casualties at the donestk international airport. >> what is particularly noteworthy is where the dead fighters came from. nick peyton walsh reports. >> reporter: there will be funerals again, but not just in ukraine. startling admissions from separatists at donetsk morgue. my little son, she says. separatists distanced by the kremlin also admitted something they denied for weeks. perhaps it is a sign of desperation that the militants, their appeals unanswered. the men taken away in the could have fins are russian citizens, 33 in number by their own admission. they came to help create the net people's republic, he says. volunteers paid nothing but $100 a week for cigarettes. their bodies will now be sent back to russia for burial. >> translator: we hope that a corridor will emerge from russia
. >> president obama announces u.s. troops will remain in afghanistan until the end of 2016. 15 years after the start of the longest war in american history. we will speak with anand gopal, author of, "no good men among the living: america, the taliban, and the war through afghan eyes." then we look at africa. >> the good news for the girls, we know where they are. we cannot tell you. just leave us alone. we will get the girls back. but as nigeria claims to know the whereabouts of the close to three hundred kidnapped schoolgirls, with the crisis be used to justify further u.s. militarization of africa? then to egypt. as general lcc is expected to win the authority, authorities had to extend voting another day because so few people have headed to the polls. we will speak with sharif abdel kudos -- sharif abdel kouddous in cairo. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. president obama has announced u.s. occupation of afghanistan will continue until the end of 2016. on tuesday, obama said the u.s. will maintain almost
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